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What is Hack3rs Club?

Hack3rs is a private community of developers who want to build cool Web3 projects. We bring support, a network and opportunities. We’ll provide training from top notch web3 experts, networking events for the community to meet and one hackathon event with massive crypto prizes.

We include Web3 terminology in the blockchain development, blockchain-based metaverse initiatives and any NFT related technologies.Access our current free Workshops and W3binars on our platform, or join our discussions, AMAs or happy hours in our Discord community.

This community is hosted by Hackathon.com, the leading hackathon community, and BeMyApp, a company organizing developer events worldwide since 2010.

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What is included in your NFT?

Hack3rs NFT allows access to the following program.

1. Access to the Hack3rs Platform

We'll open our Hack3rs community platform on May 1st, 2022. All activities will be hosted there. Only Hack3rs holders will be able to access it.

2. Monthly Workshops

Every month a Web3 expert will run a hands-on workshop about Blockchain development, NFT design, Metaverse platforms, Blockchain scalability or Web3 project management best practices.

We want you to give you at Hack3rs all the resources to build the most innovative Web3 projects to launch them on their own or submit them at hackathons or incubators.

3. Ongoing Forum to Start Conversations

On this forum, you’ll be able to find teammates for hackathons, co-founders for your startup idea or skilled developers who just want to give you a hand. You can also post random stuff as we all love to do on these forums!

4. Bi-weekly Networking Events & Games

We believe that strong opportunities will emerge if we can just let our Hack3rs talk to each other. We’ll organize some virtual meetups every other week where you’ll be able to meet other members on Zoom-like meetings. Camera will always be optional 😉
We'll organize fun games on a regular basis to entertain our Hack3rs.

5. Yearly Developer Conference

We want to celebrate our community once a year. This 2-day online event will be a mix of fun activities, hands-on training and networking opportunities with members and partners.

6. Yearly Hackathon with Massive Prizes

Let’s call it the Main Event! We want to host a yearly hackathon with a massive crypto prize pool. We will bring all the right blockchain tech companies to propose challenges to Hack3rs. These hacks will be a great way to implement what our community learned during the year.


Sep 2022
Program starts on Discord & on our Learning Platform:
Bi-weekly networking events, workshops, meetups and quizzes.
Nov 2022
Expected Reveal Day! The mint pass image will automatically be replaced by your unique Hack3rs NFT image.
Q1 2023
Launch of our large hackathon with crypto currency prizes.
Oct 2022
Different drops will happen during this period until we reach 10,000 Hack3rs NFTs minted.
Price Ξ0.1 - Ξ0.5
Starting Dec 2022
Platform becomes exclusive to NFT holders.
Q2 2023
Members vote on the activities they want us to organize.


Each image has a unique set of attributes. Some attributes have a higher rarity than others. Here are a few examples.

Super rare
Branded hat
Golden accessories

Who are we?

Hackathon.com is the leading Hackathon community. Created in 2015, we curate the best hackathons to join and offer valuable resources to the hackathon community.

BeMyApp is an 11-year old agency specialized in running hackathons and developer events. We've been collaborating with over 500 tech blue chip tech companies including Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Meta and more.

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